Nicole Roach, M.Div. - Educational and Curriculum Specialist

I provide pastors and ministry leaders solutions about educating and developing 21st century Christian ministry leaders. 

Identify your specific ministry needs
Customize an educational plan which will produce results
Implement the educational plan within your church/ministry
Teach your ministry leaders the customized curriculum
Assess the customized curriculum
Evaluate ministry leaders

FGBCFI of NC Central Ministry Leaders and Ministers Training

Some questions pastors and ministry leaders ask:
1.  How do I develop a ministry within the church (organization)?
2.  When do I implement training(s) for leaders?
3.  What are the best innovative and creative strategies for leaders understanding their role and responsibility within the church (organization)?
4.  How do I implement differentiated learning techniques within curricula for leaders?
5.  Why should I implement 21st century instructional strategies?
6.  Which critical thinking model is best for leaders in our church (organization)?
7.  What assessment(s) should I use?  

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